Zodiac Parenting: The missing link to understanding your child and building their confidence.

Wouldn't it be great to have a parenting manual specifically designed for your child that helped you to understand them better so you can become a more relaxed, happy, accomplished parent?

Well, I've some good news for you...! There is a hidden SECRET to parenting like nothing you've ever heard of before... and I'm about to share this mind blowing intelligence with you!

“I just wanted to congratulate you on the lovely Child Star Planner books I purchased for my sons. I now realise why they are so different from each other and how each of them needs certain things in place to truly blossom. I have already carried out a few of your suggestions, like putting a book shelf up in my youngest son’s room and making sure that my eldest son has a forum for debating. It’s made me think why something like this has never been available before!” CD, UK

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